My year 9 tiny poems!

Hey guys! I really wanted to share some of the poems I wrote in the English class last year. It was a small beginning to a, well let’s say a bigger present?

 “I see everything,but I desire to see you.

I could miss everyone,still I only miss you

I can ask for anything,but I only ask for you.

I cant help it, I think I love you. 

This is a small poem that I re-wrote from my Chinese friend who tried translating her poem to English. Well let’s say her English was  a bit weak and with her and my English teachers help, I wrote this poem.

I hope you like it!



New in blogging? Pain,pain,pain!

   Oh, why? Why do I never get viewers!

Ehhh… this is useless… no one reads my blog anyway. -Closes site-

What’s the point? I don’t even get a single comment of how my work is, why waste my time? I have other things to do! 

Didn’t you all went through this?

Didn’t you all at least once even thought of quitting the blogging and doing something else?

Well… I did and I bet some of you guys did too!

I needed a little push in blogging, so I am writing this for you to not give up on your blog!  Even though I would send my blog links to my friends they would just go through it and close it and would never bother checking in again most probably.I would start working on the blog and I would then wonder inside my head why am I doing this when I don’t get any viewers?

The point is… even though I still don’t get many viewers I am trying to do this! And I think you shouldn’t give up like I did. When you write something, whether it’s a small poem, a quote, a story from your life or your friends life, just some pictures you took, remember that someone actually will check.It doesn’t matter how many, all you should know is that a small picture or just a small poem can make someone’s life a little bit different.It might even help them in their lives! 

For me that someone is enough to actually spend my time on the blog. And I think that you should too.



United Arab Emirates,Dubai, Marina

Hello, again!

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These are some pictures I took in the Marina Walk, Dubai. Well… Marina Walk is a  marvelous place here, especially for people who want to go for a jog or just a small walk after a stressful day. I always choose this place for jogging, it’s right in front of my house and it’s a cute place with families gathering in cafe’s and a lot of people coming for a jog.

I hope you like the pictures!



Valentines Day!

                                It’s the Valentines Day coming up!

The Love

Yes, it might be a little early for this post but well I still wanted to put this picture in my blog.

Credits to the site and this is an amazing picture!

I am soon going to publish my new poem inspired by this photo and hopefully you will like it.