Anna Maria

Anna was a beautiful girl
With flawless brown hair
Maria was a tomboy
With flecks and black hair
Tied up all at the back of her head

How did they end up together?
How did they end up being best friends?
That was a story to tell…

Maria loves football,
But Anna loves ballet!
Maria loves jeans,
But Anna loves dresses!

Oh my, oh my how different they were!

One day Maria lost her ball
She looked near the lake
She looked near the playground
But she couldn’t find her ball!

Maria sat on the bench
And turned her head to the left
Anna was sitting on the bench next to maria
Looking at her and asked what happened
Maria was affected by why she cared…

Maria didn’t know what to say
Maria was always too harsh to understand friendship
And love between best friends

Anna came closer
And gave Maria her doll
Maria never played with dolls
But she took it and looked at Anna

Anna was so courageous
While so weak outside
Maria took the doll and smiled
She didn’t know what to do with it

But she looked at it
It was a cute little doll
With a pink dress and blonde hair

She told Anna that she lost her ball
Anna looked with sympathy
And that’s all that was to say

Maria started playing with the doll
For the first time after days

She played with Anna for a long time
Till the sun was going to set
After that Maria always played with Anna
With her jeans and sometimes even skirts.

She is with Anna all the time,
Like a sister, like a best friend.

They have been there for each other all the time since then.
Who knew that different people could match up?
Who knew that Anna and Maria
Would now be mothers in laws
Of the same married couple?

I think you already guessed that the Maria is this Maria who wrote this poem! And Anna my best friend, who lives in Georgia. We were indeed different. Al though we still have a lot of difference its strange how when she was wearing all girly clothes and I would never give a second though about it, later on I got obsessed with them! So obsessed I stopped wearing jeans. But to the point, friendship is not just about how the 2 people are clothing, it is more deep down more  complicated. Sometimes I feel like friendship is more complicated than dating a guy. So much frustration!

Hope you guys liked the poem. Wrote it a year ago. Wish friends could stay the same, and times could never change. Don’t we all wish that sometimes?

Afghanistan #3

Afghanistan at night

Yes! Another collection of pictures taken by my cousin Laila that lives in Afghanistan. Let me tell you more about this beautiful cousin that I have.

First thing is that she always reads my blog. Mysteriously I always would get 1 view from Afghanistan, and it ends up being her! She is smart yet will never bother showing that to you. Indeed which makes her lazy! You should see sometimes how I force her to come with me to the gym or sauna sometimes, it is like I am taking her to get slaughtered! But sadly she comes here to Dubai just in holidays, so I don’t really make her suffer that much. Which I wish I could do a little bit more often!

Laila is also a lot into arts. Compared to me, I find her way better. But I know she won’t agree about that. Even though she is better than me in art, it seems she never has time for it, which I really wish she did, because I love her art! She has a passion to photography and she loves books. Having to share another hobby, we often end up buying the same book in the bookstore! So what we do is we buy 4, each takes 2, we read and we swap! But that doesn’t really happen much, since she lives in another country.

Summer vacation is just nearby, and wishing that she would come here to Dubai, I just want to tell you readers that you should really cherish every single person in your family. You never know how the future will catch them with their hands and fly away, far away from you. So spend more time with your family rather than trying to make friends. Because trust me, those friends will never stay by your side. It is is a very rare thing to find someone who would stand by your side for nor reason but only because they want to. Love, live, eat, and cherish. But please don’t forget to exercise, and Laila, that goes to you too lady!

Afghanistan #2

Picture taken by: Laila Gharzai

Pictures above taken by my cousin living in Afghanistan. As I don’t live there, and can’t take the pictures by my self,I can’t help but share the pictures with you guys! As I think you already know, this is where I am from.  My home land. But nope, I don’t live there, don’t know if I can call my self lucky or unlucky. But I can’t help but want to reach out for this country every single time… Don’t we all have a feeling of home? A feeling of embracing that home and trying to keep that with you as long as you can, safe. That is how I wish I could embrace Afghanistan. Protect my mother land from all the evils of this world. But I guess I am just too small for that, YET! Hopefully, there will be a day when I just make a decision of booking a flight and living in my home country. Helping my country people and trying to bring a change in this world. Maybe I won’t be able to make a change. But I will know that someday, someone will be inspired by me, and that person will grow up and do the same thing. And he will succeed. If he won’t, there will be a same cycle, until we get there. To the goal of our lives.

As they say:
” Obstacles can’t stop you.
Problems can’t stop you,
Most of ALL
Other people can’t stop you.
The only one who stops you
Is you your self.”

I didn’t write this… got it from a Facebook fan page. Wish you a happy week as tomorrow is Monday. My week already started. Sunday is when weeks start over here, and I already have a headache, will probably have to ignore that as I have to go jogging soon!

The cure

When I am all alone in the empty room
I feel like the inside of me needs you
You’re like a cure like a medicine
I want to be with you.

My heart rate is getting low
In this empty room all isolated
I know the cure is only you
You are the cure
The cure that can make me better

Like a doctor injecting the love inside my veins
I need your love to be injected.
Im dying with out you
I need you oh please I need you…

When you are here it feels good and warm
Like a drug im addicted to your love
Oh please cure me now
“Cause all I need right now is you

I don’t want this to stop
I am lost in this empty room
With out you,with out the drug
I am vain and weak

My body is paining
My heart rate is getting lower
I don’t know what to do
Oh please give me the cure

Or else my heart will lose it…

Please don’t get it wrong, this poem was written way back and no, I don’t have any desperate feelings for any guy. Haha? The inspiration came from my friend trying to write a poem, after reading my poems. She tried writing about her boyfriend. And the idea she used was pretty impressive, but still it needed work.

But after all, we will all some day be in love with someone somehow in this way. I do believe that. Like now when I hear people getting married, I see that as the most pathetic thing in the world. Why on earth get married to a guy and then fully be depended on him ( which trust me you will ) then be an independent smart woman? And yeah, I do think that someday I will be so crazily in love, and I will forget the ratio of logic. Hehe! But for now, since I have the logic of thinking, I want to stay as far away from loving a guy as possible. And I am sorry if I offended you in any way about marriage. Since I know I have a lot of married viewers, but this is just a point of view. Life won’t change by telling it to people, right?