“A man in his happy world”

There once was a man

Who thought in a different way

Thinking that life could be easier

If you knew less and kept away

Keeping out of reach from pain

Keeping out of the reach of strain

All he did was lie,

And live in a way

That no one ever dared.

He thought he was flying

In a world where everyone instead

Were falling down

Were failing apart from themselves.

He was all alone,

Happy and satisfied with him selv

Smiling at the world

Thinking how stupid they were.

One day he saw a little girl crying

He asked why,

The girl said she lost her mother

The man laughed at her face.

Oh man, how bitter could you be

Was it hard to embrace?

Was it hard to console?

The girl looked at him

The girl ran away.

The man thought to him self how come,

What was wrong with her

If she is okay….

He wondered for a while,

Then he let it go, forgot about it.

After days and days that flew by

The girl saw nothing but a world that was blurry

A world that was meaningless in her way.

She cried and cried, she let it go

But it seemed it was too big,

It seemed it would take time

To let it go completely.

She was walking down the aisle

Thinking of her mother

How she looked

How she smiled

how she hugged her in the nights.

She felt cold

She felt sad

She felt angry and unsatisfied.

But suddenly she bumped into someone

She looked up….

The man that laughed at her was there

The man that pour salt on her veins

Was standing in front of her

Looking at her in an apologetic way.

He felt wrong,

Not happy anymore.

Why didn’t he feel good anymore?

He looked at the girls eyes

The shining mesmerizing eyes…

Oh my god, he said

The girl was questioned

What now does he want

She thought to herself.

But she just turned away,

She left the man alone,

Ran away, ” Who was he” she thought

” What does he want?”

The man sat on the floor,

The man was shocked of what he got to know,

The girls eyes, they were eyes of someone

Whom the man loved from all his heart.

The sudden urge to fly way

The sudden edgy feeling of getting away

where to go? Whom to say?

That the woman she loved his whole life

Died and left a child that just ran away?

He ran after her, he called her.

But it was too late.

It was too late to call that child,

The child that he felt was his

His own child…

His own…


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