My first crush.

We all had our first crushes. First or second grade, third or fourth, some in grade 5 or even later on in grade 8…

Do you remember your first crush? Don’t you remember their first name? How you fell in love with them?

I do, and to my amazement, I loved them till now, until i talked to them, to that person… and let them go.

I was shaking the whole time… my words weren’t coming out properly, I told them that I had a crush on them. And I got an answer of:”I had feelings to another girl that time, sorry..” That didn’t hurt, it really didn’t, all i did was cry for a moment and then suddenly i smiled, I laughed! And now I feel like I am the worlds most happiest person, like I am free from the weight  I was carrying till now.

And for the end… I wrote a post in Facebook, what first crush thought me:

“To let go, to not look back, to look straight and smile as much as you can. Laugh about the past, and try not to cry. ♥”

And for you my dear viewers I have one more thing, don’t stop loving, don’t stop giggling my dear lady’s , as for men, don’t stop thinking about her at nights! Because, it is worth it.


3 thoughts on “My first crush.

  1. Hehe 😀 well said, to be honest, it really doesn’t seem that it wears out later on when you get older! As much as I have seen, usually it gets worse. Talking about first crushes, I actually regret not being able to bond with that person. He was a nice guy, just the ” popular” section in which I never belonged.All girls were after him, so I looked like one of ” those” if you know what I mean?

    But Praveen, tell me one thing, do you really ” chose” to fall in love with your first crush? Even though you saying that falling in love isn’t good choice, and I do agree with that, sometimes we don’t get to choose. Rarely, but it does happen when we start liking someone with out us noticing or wanting to. [:

    • Yes Dear it does happen, and you blush for the first time ! So its not much of choice, its like a domino effect and you just go with the flow. And you get lot of encouragement from your friends of the same age, so u don’t realize the pit falls and go ahead with it. But over the years you do so many things, meet new ppl, and it surely wears off trust me :). Now when ever i think abt her it usually means bad weather and that i shud take care of myself by eating more, exercising and reading. 🙂

  2. I had my first crush when i was a teenager. It was of a fixating nature, and took me number of years to get over it, very haunting. I chanced to look up the girl after almost 9 yrs. The person was not a very nice one, and I’m glad i never went ahead with pursuing her in the first place otherwise i would have been badly hurt or even played at the hands of a very “hard nut” kind of a person. But over the years experience has taught me getting infatuated by someone even when the entire universe wants you to, doesn’t have to be favorable. As a person matures, he/she would find many likable people, with whom one could naturally connect with via profession, hobbies, or activities, and it feels a lot better than being in love. At an early age its mostly becos of hormones and loneliness, and wears out quite naturally over the years as one gets more interested in other things in life.

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