Mother, light of my darken world.

Looking at the endless tunnel

Tunnel filled with hope and strength

Maybe I should turn back

Maybe this is isn’t the right thing…


What should I do, I wonder

Should I step ahead or stop.

Suddenly I see a glimpse of light

A light and then someone holding me tight.


” Mother…”  said I, feeling the echo of the word

Mother, my mother, is standing next to me right now.

She is holding my hand while  standing next to me

Smiling,the smile I could never forget


She gave me the confidence to step into the tunnel

Into the tunnel where in some parts it might be dark

But I know my mother will be there for me

I know she will guide me through it.


I step in and see the world

A world where there are endless hopes and dreams

Where people dream every night

Where people fear every day


But there are no worries for me

My mother will be next to me.

No words can describe this picture.

To hold me, to love me

My feel my pain and struggle.

My reason of life.


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