To eat it or not to… this is the question!

We all have the times when we look at our selves in the mirror and feel fat! So there comes the diets, the work outs in the gym, the suffering of not eating. Seeing our best friends loosing weight. What on earth is this?

Asking your girl friends if they want an ice cream… their response? No thanks, I am in a diet!

Ugh… and sitting there eating the ice cream alone… and then end up next day looking at something really yummy and going like:” No… I should probably not eat that, I am fat..” Then end up eating it and therefore after that sitting and asking your self: ” Why the hell did I eat that?”

I don’t know what you might say about your body, but yes , I know you want that part to be like this, this a little bit bigger or that part a little bit smaller… But in the end of the day, what matters, you having a healthy diet and working out once in a while, or killing your self with a diet? This always killed me… people who are so desperate that they stop eating at all. Let me give an explanation my biology teacher gave me:” Your body takes only 40% of whatever you eat.”  Which means, if you eat salad the whole day, or eat something balanced meal  like meat with veggies, fresh juice, in the end that 60% will make you gain weight. So for  God’s sake, stop killing your self!


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