One step back or one step forward.

We all have the times where we are in between of something, where we have to choose to dare to do it or just sit there all alone and find another excuse to cover our faults. It might be about beggining a conversation in a group that already knows each other, doing that extra 15 minutes on the treadmill, being in a diet and thinking if that chocolate is worth it or not. There are many times in out life where we stand in between and we have the power to choose. And I love to challenge my self with those things.

I challenge my self inside, thinking that if I have enough will power to do it. I challenge my self to do even embarrassing things just to know if i have the courage to out stand it. To stand in the middle of all the people, smile at their faces and look like I haven’t done anything.When I want to do something and I can feel the fear in me thinking that maybe thats not the right thing. I just do it. Because after doing it I can feel that I achieved something! That the fear wasn’t worth it after all.

All I can say is that, if you are a teenager and you are sitting there in a corner not knowing how to start a conversation with a group, just smile, say hi, make a compliment about someone’s hair, clothes, anything! And tada  you have a conversation flowing. If you are thinking to lose weight, trust me you will love it there in the gym, sweating like hell but yet feeling like you can fly from the exercises after a few days of getting used to it. You feel better about your self. I know that the world doesn’t stop here, that there are far, way far even more tough challenges, but to be honest, those challenges can still be compared to this. It is about how big you take it, how big you see it.

Life is simple,beautiful, in ever step it will kick us at the bottom and be like:” Surprise!”  But it is us who will eventually take it in and get angry or happy or take it neutral, all that matters is how you think of it. Simple as that.



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