WordPress, bloggger, tumblr, or other?

I have always been thinking why exactly did I choose wordpress.com for blogging. And to be honest, I never find an answer that would actually make sense. I just find it home. You know when you see that specific apartment/villa/house at times when you need one and you are like ” This is it.” Not because it is the most biggest one that will make all your friends jealous, not because it is cheap, but for a reason that you will never really understand, only feel.

WordPress has become that tiny house for me, full of amazing neighbors ( you readers! ) . I mean I can’t believe that someone who wrote some amazing book that I am willing to buy, would actually like my poem! Or someone who I just love and feel so passionate about would come to my blog and comment, saying something good about me. Every single time when I see you the reader writing something for me, and when I check your blog, I feel so good about my self. Because YOU wrote that. And it feels so unbelievable. 

WordPress has become my home, believe it or not, I forget about my Facebook page while I am over here. It just feels right. Thank you for my first followers: 

Katrin Ann Willis  http://katrinaannewillis.com/ who not just helped me by following my blog, but inspired me to continue my blog.

The Iris And The Lily,  http://theirisandthelily.wordpress.com/ who was my first follower and I also adore her blog for her beautiful pictures.

You guys are awesome! Thank you for making this kido smile and happy for following her and giving her a chance. And no, you reader who is reading this, you too.

Love you all!



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