” Why the silence in between? “

I guess things do change…

I guess me and you won’t be the same again…

Why did this had to happen?

Why the silence in between?

Why did we crack like a piece of glass

Pieces of us falling a part…

What on earth are we going to get from this?

Hurting others by the sharp corners of ours…

I miss you, I love you

No matter what it is I try

I try and try and try

But still it feels like we are broken

Like the pieces won’t fit anymore….

Where are you, what are you thinking…

I can see you sitting next to me

But you are somewhere else 

Elsewhere sitting with others and talking.

I wish that I could keep you as my friend

As my anything, just near me…

But having you around is not enough

Having you around won’t be enough

Unless you really are there

Unless you really want to be.

I hope you have a good life

A good life where someday

Some good jolly day you will

Realize that i loved you

as a friend as a sister

as anything that you want.

But for now,know you are beautiful

Beautiful in every way

Keep your head held high

But not too high to not see the ground.

Picture source: http://bwportrait.com/


2 thoughts on “” Why the silence in between? “

  1. …I am now your #1 fan. When I read this poem I was already amazed. But now that I learned that you are a teen-ager who can pen such wonderful piece of writing, I am more than elated. Keep on writing! Thank you for sharing!

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