” A tiny little smile.”

“When will you grow up? When will you understand that revenge will not bring you anywhere and the only way to be smarter is just to smile and to move one…”

A smile can make your heart grow bigger

A smile can bring a spark to someones life

Just a smile can make you and me happy


The power of a smile, the power of you and me.

When I feel only, when I feel sad

I can see your smile and know my day

I see the smile, the gentle true smile

And suddenly my heart feels awaks

And even though you didn’t mean to,

And even though you don’t know,

You made my day,

By just a smile, ny just a tiny little smile.

And you can do the same again

And all of us can do the same

Make someone else happy today

And that else will make you

By just a smile, by just a tiny little smile.


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