” Hand By Hand, Soul By Soul “

Looking at the world through my eyes
Smiling at things I don’t recognize
Smiling and dying inside at the same time
Why on earth am I smiling
That is the question I’ve never realized

Thinking inside how fake I am
Smiling but faking it all as much as I can
But then who am I again
I forgot as I was trying to smile as hard as I can

Oh friend, look at me
Don’t get fooled by my smile
Don’t get fooled by me saying I am okay
Because I am not
Because I am fading away

Oh friend I know I should tell you
But how am I suppose to tell you
In this crowded and busy world
Where I don’t get to see you much
Where I don’t get to open up to you much

Forgive me if I don’t say
Forgive me if I lie
Because you know I didn’t mean to
You know that very well.

Oh friend lets hold our hand together
And go through this world by weather,
Hand by hand, soul by soul,

Lets show this world the touch of a true friendship
The touch of you and I.


9 thoughts on “” Hand By Hand, Soul By Soul “

  1. Allright I forgot to write my name bu didn’t you really notic that it’s me???????????? you just broke my heart πŸ˜‰
    I mean really? who elce except me can write this tender words and who elce can be this much nice πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my god! That was so so impressive that nearly cryed
    oh god how me, your closest friend never recognized how deep and how sensitive are you from inside
    I don’t know what to say I just love you and I love this poem like it seems this poem showed me the other face of you, another Maria that I never tryed to get to know her
    if this was a gift to me I could say it’s one of the best gifts ever in the world
    and for my last words I can say you are an amazing friend

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