My painting. Water colors.

Maria, when on earth did you start painting too?

Well, since long back, And It will be in the ” Art ” Categories, so if you’re curious about my art works, just go the the art categories. The painting was done out of boredom, passion and out of the love of colors. You should try someday too! It feels amazing and very relaxing to mix those colors, to blend them, to call out the other names they have on top of the paint tube.

 Thank you  for the inspiration. Even though I didn’t ask your permission for the picture as for its yours, I really hope you don’t mind! And if you do, I will remove this post. Its your right.

Water painting.

Water painting.

Close up.


6 thoughts on “Inspiration

  1. I’m glad to see people so passionate about art. What you have described about the feelings that go through you when you paint, eerily resembles mine. Enough of my rambling, I would like to extend an offer to you to collaborate with me on a poetry cum painting collection. Do drop me an email I you are interested! Address in my blog. Cheers!!

    • Wow, I would love to! The only problem that might be is that I don’t take any piece to draw, I have to want to make the piece, if you know what I mean? And thank you, I really appreciate the fact that you thought I can collaborate with you [:

      • Yes, art cannot be oppressed, or forced into one’s doing. I know what you mean. I’ll stay tune and when you do draw a piece you think I’m worthy of appraising then maybe you could contact me? Followed!

      • Sure (: I have a lot of art pieces… I will just slowly start posting them in my blog and you can check them sometime. You want the pieces for your poems, right?

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