” Katrina ” Part 1

” Katrina!” Called mom while I was sitting near the shore, looking into the water and listening to the beautiful sound of the waves, I didn’t realize I have been sitting here for more than 30 minutes. Why is mom so worried all the time? I wondered inside. She should take it easy sometimes… I thought to my self while getting up to see what mom wanted. And then I remembered, it was 4:45 pm and at 5 was my so called future fiancé was coming. All I was wearing was an old dress with my hair untidy on my shoulders and  I barefoot. Who needs sandals? I love the feeling of the sand on my feet, I never wear slippers to the beach.

I was running inside my house when I saw him, he was wearing a suit and was standing with flowers. Who on earth is he? Why would mom make me marry him when I don’t even know him? Yet on top of that, I didn’t even finish my medical university. I am only twenty!  I know that dad passed away and that she can’t afford the living, but I also know that, it wasn’t the real excuse she was making me marry this guy. It was that the people around the village thought I had an affair, because, well, I didn’t want to marry anyone. Thats why! And here comes the prince charming, rich, shaved, with flowers. Doesn’t even know me but wants to marry me. What kind of a guy is he?

I quickly hid my self and went inside the house from the back door. Quickly going upstairs into my room. Closing the door after my self. ” Katrina! Where are you? I swear this girl will never ever get anything in her life….” Said mom. The door rang.

I quickly combed my hair, put on my white ballerina shoes with a soft pink dress that had a white belt with a bow in the middle. I loved dresses. Even though I had those really bad looking legs from playing a lot of sports outside, I never hesitated showing them. After all, each marks define who I am.

” Katrina! ” Cried my big brother, oh my god, I think I should change my name. Frustrated, I was going downstairs, to see my fiancé and to talk to him. There you go, my new life. I don’t even know his name, but I will be his wife in a few months,most probably, if by any chance  I make my mom think about it  giving me time and letting me at least finish my 2 years of medical before marrying this guy.


Yes, I started writing my own I don’t know, book? Story? Doesn’t matter, I always enjoyed writing in this form more than in the form of poetry.Gave me the ability to show my feelings in words more than in a 4 line paragraph.


2 thoughts on “” Katrina ” Part 1

  1. wow this is really amazing and this whole scene that you depicted here just suddenly rushed in front of me as if i was watching it all happening in front of me! good work dear! all the best

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