The Invisible Child

The invisible child
Sitting in the corner
Do you see him?
Do you know who he truly is?

The invisible child,
He doesn’t speak, why should you bother talking
If he doesn’t speak?

The invisible child
Doesn’t talk at all
Sitting in the corner
Lost in his own world

Do you see him?
Do you ?
He is in the corner
Over there.

The invisible child, wait who is he?
Do you know him very well?
Have you ever tried talking?
No, he is invisible, you can’t see him

You are lost in your own world
Thinking about your self only.
The invisible child, have you ever wondered
Why on earth is he so silent?

You did try to talk, but not enough to call it a conversation
Don’t avoid the invisible child
Don’t let him drown in his world
Lend a hand

Maybe he is the meaning to your life
Maybe he is the friend you always needed
Perhaps he is the lover you always wanted but never knew existed
And maybe he will be your protecter

 Or will just help you like you should now…
Don’t forget there is a story
Behind every invisible child

Don’t judge because
You could have been one of them.

Source: Google

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