Inspire, aim, be.


This goes to all of you and me. In our lives, when we see someone being really good at something, we call them lucky. When that person in reality worked his butt off to get to the point of excellence. Putting what he does excellent now in his habit, trying and practicing. But we call him ” lucky” . And end up sitting and being jealous about it. Then there are two kind of jealousy, working for it and try to be in his level or get even better, or just  try to pull him down. Now which one is easier? Of course pulling him down is easier, so we do whatever it takes to make him feel bad and stop being good at what he does. 

Knowing what is good and what is bad might be easy, but actually doing what is good for you is hard. Lets all aim higher in our lives. Stop calling that person that is better than you in your job/school/sports e.t.c. lucky, instead try your harder to BE that person, to become better.But no, I don’t mean to copy him. I mean to get inspired by him. Inspire, aim, and be.

Have a nice weekend.

Maria. x


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