Blog addict.

I can sadly pronounce my self as an blogger addict. Why so? Because I am thinking about this blog 24/7. When I am doing my studies I am waiting for my phone to buzz and send me an email that someone commented or liked something in my blog. I don’t know why but I am just so excited about this whole blogging thing. The fact that someone gives his time to me and reads what I write. Nowadays time is the most precious thing that people have. And it feels that they are giving it to me every day, with add to that, the most nicest compliments I have heard in my life! So thank you for reading my blog, and making me addicted to this blog! Even though I really don’t appreciate how I am sitting here while I am suppose to be in the gym right now… Well, lets say, we can have some ” gym free” days too? 😉

Yes, this picture bellow shows how I feel when I see those comments, I know, I know, I shouldn’t take is as a that big deal, but as much as I love when you guys read my stuff, I am also in love with reading what you write.
Like sometimes I am reading those poems that reach into my soul and I feel that there is an itchy tear on my cheek.


3 thoughts on “Blog addict.

  1. i am happy for you having this addiction. you share your insightful views of the world in a very friendly manner. keep it up and more power!

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