I am enchanted to meet you,
Oh, my dear love.
I am enchanged to meet you
For making my heart beat fast.

Your eyes are like the waves in the ocean,
The more I look into them,
The more lost I am.
But I am enchanted to meet you,
For making me feel this way.

In the day light and in the night,
I wonder how you’re doing.
I am enchanted to meet you,
And I am enchanted by you.

My eyes shine like bright stars,
Looking for you, needing you.
Where are you my dearest love?
Where are you, when I need your enchantment?

In the oceans of love,
I am lost like a fairy in a tale.
I am flying everywhere,
But I could not find you.

I lost you like a baby girl,
Who lost her precious little doll.
Where is my enchanter?
Oh my, I think I lose my precious little love.

Source: Google

This is one of my favorite poems. I wrote it long time back in class out of boredom… The song of Taylor Swifts ( of course!) was running in my head, I loved the way she would say ” enchanted”. I liked how it sounds… which lead me to this poem… after a few months,  forgetting that  this poem even existed, I read it. And I thought that I should share it. (:


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