Lost And Vain

I’m looking through you, where did you go?

I thought I knew you, what did i know?

What happened, where did you go…

In this crowded world, I don’t see you anymore


Like a lost child, I don’t see anything anymore.

Even when I see you, it seems I don’t anymore.

What happened? What’s not there anymore?


Do you see me when you past through the doors,

Do you miss me when you’re looking through others,

Do you wonder about me in the nights like I would ,

And do you remember me like I always would…?


In this crowded world I am lost and vain,

I don’t know who to trust and who to hate.

I am lost like a child in the streets full of strangers,

Crying inside and breaking down to pieces.


Who knew I could be in love this much,

Who knew I could love somebody this much?


3 thoughts on “Lost And Vain

  1. it happens with me everytime i miss the person i loved the most and i can understand how hard is it to miss those people when you know tht they are never going to come back again

    • True that… and sometimes we just miss someone who changes, and know that the past them will never come back. Sad how people change to worse… we should all try to be better. Hehe (:

      • TRUE! and i have experienced that too, from outside you keep saying that it doesn’t matter but deep inside you are burning! anyways a good work dear!

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