The cure

When I am all alone in the empty room
I feel like the inside of me needs you
You’re like a cure like a medicine
I want to be with you.

My heart rate is getting low
In this empty room all isolated
I know the cure is only you
You are the cure
The cure that can make me better

Like a doctor injecting the love inside my veins
I need your love to be injected.
Im dying with out you
I need you oh please I need you…

When you are here it feels good and warm
Like a drug im addicted to your love
Oh please cure me now
“Cause all I need right now is you

I don’t want this to stop
I am lost in this empty room
With out you,with out the drug
I am vain and weak

My body is paining
My heart rate is getting lower
I don’t know what to do
Oh please give me the cure

Or else my heart will lose it…

Please don’t get it wrong, this poem was written way back and no, I don’t have any desperate feelings for any guy. Haha? The inspiration came from my friend trying to write a poem, after reading my poems. She tried writing about her boyfriend. And the idea she used was pretty impressive, but still it needed work.

But after all, we will all some day be in love with someone somehow in this way. I do believe that. Like now when I hear people getting married, I see that as the most pathetic thing in the world. Why on earth get married to a guy and then fully be depended on him ( which trust me you will ) then be an independent smart woman? And yeah, I do think that someday I will be so crazily in love, and I will forget the ratio of logic. Hehe! But for now, since I have the logic of thinking, I want to stay as far away from loving a guy as possible. And I am sorry if I offended you in any way about marriage. Since I know I have a lot of married viewers, but this is just a point of view. Life won’t change by telling it to people, right?

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