A friendship game

Today in school me and my best friend Roya played a game. One of us says a word and we write a poem about it and what we think of it. I went first, asking her for a word, her answer: Life and Love. So here you go,my poetry about life and love.

Life is all about love
The ones that love you
Make you special
That ones you love
Make them special

It is not who you are
That makes you special
But the people who love you
That make you special

So live this ice and love them all
So in the end of the day
You could close your eyes
And feel that one feeling
Of how special you are.
To those who love you.
To those who cherish
Everything about you.

It was her turn, so I started thinking, and realized one thing, about the group of friends we have. Not that I don’t like being in a group, I just find my self in a partner friendship. Where you talk to that one person, and that one person understands you. I am more of a person who takes friendship seriously. And in a group friendship, it is very rare to get that. So nowadays I felt very isolated, from the people in our group. It just made me feel that they were taking me far away from my friend. Even though it wasn’t their fault, and I love them, I just don’t feel that I am meant to group friendship.So I said: ” Friendship” And she honestly took her jolly good time writing!

I’ve got a friend
The person who is always with me
Through all the difficulties
And through all the hardships…
The one who always cares about me

And when I m not smiling
Or sitting silent in a corner which is rare
She comes to me and makes me feel
That there is somebody here who actually care.

I feel like flying when i see
My friend is the closest person to me
When I see she is laughing
Even if she laughs about me!
I like that because I made her happy…
I have a friend who is special
The one who makes me feel special
The one who is always next to me.

By Roya

There you go… I couldn’t believe she wrote that for me. For a moment I felt so happy, and then suddenly I ask:”Who is this about?” And she then she gives me the  ” of course you” look and says: ” You of course!” There you go, my friendship with someone solved in just a poem. I recommend you guys to try playing this little game with the people who are close to you. Because poetry talks to you. In a different way, a way that touches your soul and makes me feel special.


Writer needs a break.

Hey guys!
I know I haven’t been publishing for a few days already… Just don’t know what to write. I usually have so much to publish so much inspirations. But these days I just feel blank. Too much studies to finish, mom and dads endless divorce case, and friends are sitting on top of my head. Not giving me a clear sky to look at and write…

And this has been going on for a second week. Somehow I did manage to write the first, but I have realized it wasn’t coming through my heart. But from expectations that I should write. So I decided I will take a break. A week or two and I will come back with a clean slot. Just need to clear up my thoughts and I will be fine again!

Thank you for all your support and compliments. You never failed to make my day (:


Miles away

You are miles away
In a country you might not know many,
In a place where you might not be able
To hold on someone when you need it…

But here am I writing a poem-a
But here am I feeling your distance.
And here am I telling you
How much I miss and love you.

Don’t let the place where you are right now`
Change the person who you are right now.
Don’t let the people around you
Make use of your loneliness.

Because baby you are strong.
You were born with the strength
Which not many have`
Or realize that they do.

And here  I am finishing this poem
Hoping you will like it.
And from my bottom of my heart,
I hope you will smile and embrace me
When you read this poem.

I was meant to finish this poem
But the last and not the least,`
Don’t forget to look into the mirror
And be proud of who you are.
No matter what circumstances this life takes you to.

Many of us are away from our families and friends. Not always the once that we depend on and love can be next to us the whole time. And neither can we be next to them the whole time. Life rolls and rolls and you never know where you will end up. So this is a wishing poem to all you of you readers, don’t let your loneliness and insecurity be your weak point, don’t let anyone take advantage of it.

And the last thing I wanted to say is, is that not many of us look into ourself in the mirror and see who we are and are actually pleased by who they became. You are not some hero in the movie, you can’t just change your self in an hour and become a millionaire and have this true love who you never knew you could have and be the most happiest person in the world. That ain’t gonna happen! So whoever you are, whether you like that “you” reflecting in that mirror or you don’t, be proud that you are here and have the chance to change your self. And while you are changing yourself to the better, don’t forget to enjoy it. Enjoy the moments of your lives, every single of them, because trust me you will miss these moments.

A letter that has no name…

When you look at your self
See the smile on your face
See the beauty and the charm
See the sharpness and the bright
That your soul furnishes to the world.

But don’t forget where this charm is from
And don’t forget who thaught you how to bestow
This world the best you ever had.
Your mother.

I wish you the best this world has
And the patience to go through with it all
And I will sit faithfully in the corner
Smiling and cherishing the moment.

Good luck my beautiful sister
May this world make you a person
That everyone could look up to.


I wrote this for my cousin who is coming from America for a night, and then leaving to Afghanistan afterwards for summer. I really don’t know if I should write it in a piece of paper and gift it to her as a gift. Because I am not sure if it is good enough. I just want her to smile when she sees this…

So please do tell me what do you think about this poem! As it is pretty important for me… (: