Friendship like a curse

I am happy
To have you as a friend
To be able to call you my friend

With a feeling of proud and sincere love
I realize how much you mean to be
Oh my dear friend
Don’t let me lose you.

You were a stranger to me a few days ago
Now you have become closest whom I know
Please don’t let go

With the days to come and fly
With the times that were jolly and sorrow
We will go through it together
With a smile in our faces.

I feel the world has changed
When I saw you become my friend
Friendship… such a strong word
Yet sometimes a big curse

I hope our friendship will fly like a fairy
Through the heavens and the earth
Through the hell and the universe
But we won’t be cursed

We will fly cherishing the every moment
Every moment of our lives
We will take it as satisfaction.
Like a satisfaction of the oldest whine.

Source: Google


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