Dubai houses

  Here I go, making a post of me and 2 of my brothers struggling to get to the beach. Yeah, we did think twice about taxis, but there weren’t any, so we had to get to the main road to get one. But honestly, I didn’t regret the walking! Weather was amazing, as amazing that can get here in Dubai, and the villas here were so beautiful I was too busy taking pictures of them and didn’t notice how quickly we got to the main road, but noticing how both brothers were panting and asking for water, I guess it was a little bit long of a journey?


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Yup, thats it. Honestly I can’t put all the pictures in a post, there are around 30, and I am really sorry if its too much, better than the 300 pictures I took right?
As for my brothers, don’t worry, I think they didn’t mind after all, all I need make sure now is to make one of them go to the gym with me once in a while.

And talking about Dubai, if you are interested in architecture and buildings, this is a dream come true place for you! In just one area, I saw so many houses that took my breath away, by their size, their massive gardens, their design, all these little things that make a house just look at it and gasp saying ” wow! “


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