Who on earth knows?

In a place full of green
I was lying on the floor
I opened my eyes
To see the shining sun

The smell of the trees
The smell of the flowers
Oh my dear God, you can not imagine.
The smell was like home
The smell was magnificent.

I could smell it with every of my vein…
I touched the grass and it tickled me
Then listened to the sound of the birds
Slowly echoed around.

Where am I wondered
Who on earth knows.

I then tasted water from the river.
It tasted different than the bottled water.
The water was sweet
The water was tasty!

The place looked like heaven
Full of beautiful plants
Covered with a sheet of green,yellow,red…

Where am I, did I wonder
But who on earth knows?

Hey guys I hope you liked this poem. As far as you know, I am doomed with my quizzes and school and my laziness to just put things off and sit blog, read posts and watch Revenge. Honestly you should watch it! Its a TV Serial and its awesome. I just started watching it. From sexy clothes, to sexy people and drama. It has everything a woman would want. Haha! And drama not just some cliche stories with lame characters, I found the story this serial is based on pretty interesting and sad. You should definitely try it sometime. And warning: very badly addictive.


2 thoughts on “Who on earth knows?

  1. Hi Maria, beautiful poem! You`re a really good writer, and I wish I could write as well as you 🙂 and I`ll check Revenge out, hopefully they have it on Netflix hehe.. have a good day!

    • Right! You don’t need to write well which I am pretty sure you do, you have a great photography talent! Have a nice day and thanks for reading (:

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