Morning mind of the writer.

After playing yesterday tennis, and desperately needing to win, I was moving my best. Serving my best. Trying to know my mistake.

And my mistake was not in my movement not in my serve neither in my backhand. It was in my brain. Thinking too much about the previous ball while I was suppose to think forward. I was loosing. And on top of that, the way my enemy was playing was horrible. Too slow balls, too high balls. The once I despise. Because, if you play tennis you will now, that needs a lot of more concentration than the other fast sexy balls! Yes I call fast and low balls as sexy balls. Because they are sexy. Aren’t they?

Luckily I didn’t get any cramps this night,I was wearing a sweater and leg warmers in the heat of Dubai with no AC on and actually, it felt amazing. Even though I still feel my body ache. Sorry body, I know I didn’t take you to the gym for 2 days, but body, you know  how much your brain was functioning and not functioning on the quiz days. So please, forgive me! And stop aching…

So my point of this post? That our life becomes so miserable because of our brain. The way we think changes the result, no matter how good or bad we are in it. Example? Exams. I always get a few points minus because of those really really stupid mistakes. And I have realized today that, because I expect my self to make a mistake, because the inner me is still nervous I actually do make a mistake. So change your point of view guys, make it look like the most easiest thing you have ever done in your life. But don’t over do it please. Because we all know what happens when you open your book before the day of the exam and you are  like: ” Oh I know this!And this! Ehh so easy! ” And on the day of exam? ” Shit.”


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