A letter that has no name…

When you look at your self
See the smile on your face
See the beauty and the charm
See the sharpness and the bright
That your soul furnishes to the world.

But don’t forget where this charm is from
And don’t forget who thaught you how to bestow
This world the best you ever had.
Your mother.

I wish you the best this world has
And the patience to go through with it all
And I will sit faithfully in the corner
Smiling and cherishing the moment.

Good luck my beautiful sister
May this world make you a person
That everyone could look up to.


I wrote this for my cousin who is coming from America for a night, and then leaving to Afghanistan afterwards for summer. I really don’t know if I should write it in a piece of paper and gift it to her as a gift. Because I am not sure if it is good enough. I just want her to smile when she sees this…

So please do tell me what do you think about this poem! As it is pretty important for me… (:


4 thoughts on “A letter that has no name…

  1. It is absolutely good enough, and hand-written would make it extra special. Your cousin is lucky to receive this gift of lovely poetry from you. The sentiments are touching. Now I hope I am not putting my foot in my mouth (common occurrence with me) so I apologize in advance if it is intentional ‘poetic license’ but in your line: “And don’t forget who thought you how to bestow” you are doing a play on words here on purpose, right? Since it is about her mother, I wonder if your intended word is actually ‘taught’ rather than ‘thought’? Again, apologies if I am wrong, please forgive. I only want to reach out because you asked for feedback, and that this poem is important to you. If it is on purpose – it’s cool! Perfect just the way it is. I really do love it. She will smile when you give it to her! Sent with love, Gina

    • Lol Gina! You are reminding me of my self when I try correcting someone’s mistake in their posts, and don’t worry, next time you see a mistake in my poetry, no need for an extra 5 lines to not make me feel offended, you are the reader, so it is your job to point my mistake if I have one. And nope, I just made a silly mistake. And thank you for your lovely words [: Have a nice day!

      • LOL you caught me… apologizing all over 😉 But now I can go Whew, I helped rather than offended. Thanks and I hope you have a nice day as well!

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