Writer needs a break.

Hey guys!
I know I haven’t been publishing for a few days already… Just don’t know what to write. I usually have so much to publish so much inspirations. But these days I just feel blank. Too much studies to finish, mom and dads endless divorce case, and friends are sitting on top of my head. Not giving me a clear sky to look at and write…

And this has been going on for a second week. Somehow I did manage to write the first, but I have realized it wasn’t coming through my heart. But from expectations that I should write. So I decided I will take a break. A week or two and I will come back with a clean slot. Just need to clear up my thoughts and I will be fine again!

Thank you for all your support and compliments. You never failed to make my day (:



5 thoughts on “Writer needs a break.

  1. i’m facing the same ordeal. hope you’ll be visited by your writing muse very soon. Keep smiling!

  2. Maria, I miss your writing. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Of course, don’t let your obligation to blog keep you from truly living life!

    Take care,


    • Eric (: Same goes to you! You know that sometimes you run out of time to do things in your life because of blogging, so lesson learned I guess to both of us? 😉
      Take care you too

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