Into the deep.

I will swim away from you
I may drawn I may get tired
But I will try to swim
And swim away as far as fate will take me.

Into the deep of the ocean, where I will see no soul.
Just my heart beating
Like a bird singing on a sunny day.

Will defeat my fear,
Will run away.
Will let go of the wings that I had…
One from the love I gave,
One from the love you gave..

As I no longer trust these wings.
They took me to the heaven for a second
And now they threw me away on the floor
Like a stone thrown by a child
Into the ocean, into the deep.

I hate you,
I despise you,
The inner me wants to tear you apart,
And my self for falling for you.

For caring too much
For loving.

Will let go of the wings that I had…
One from the love I gave,
One from the love you gave..
As the love is such a fairy tale now…
As the love is vanished like the bird
That was singing on the sunny day.

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I will scream, I will hug…
I will hate, I will love…
I will be nice, I will be bad…
I am not perfect, and so you are?

I might say things that I don’t mean…
I might over react or take it too seriously,
But who is a best friend,
If they don’t know what I really mean?

But who are you,
To ignorantly judge me?

I hope that you won’t avoid me,
I hope you will forgive…
And most of all I have a faith,
That you will know what I mean.

And if you turn away,
And if you don’t have the courage,
And if I was a bit of too big of a burden,
I will go back home…

Will try to get up,
Will try to stop the tears,
And the thought…

How can I be perfect?

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Just a flirt.

Just a smile,just a word
Just a hint,just a flirt
We are young, we are wild
Who can dare, to challenge us?

Another look,another flirt.
Another smile,another word.
This will end up on switching numbers,
This will end up in switching hearts,
This might end up in broken hearts.

But baby life is too short
Too short to think about broken hearts.
So let us flirt and let us smile,
Let us say the words of sin.

Let’s take out all the wildness,
We were destined to.

Sip of wine,sip of gossip.
Sip of little bit of love.
A sip of sensational life.

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There you go,another poem. Have been struggling to post a few days. Not that I didn’t write, but it takes time for me to think that my poem is perfect and doesn’t need any other change. If it rhymes properly or if it doesn’t. Things like these make me think one more time before I hit the publish button. And since you know that English is not my first language. Actually it’s far like 3rd or 4th language, I do still make a silly mistake in spelling here and there, and I am pretty sure you know how a small missing letter causes big of a change in meaning. And that did happen to me once or twice!


I may not be the perfect one
With perfect hazel eyes
With perfect jet black hair
With perfect curves in perfect places….

But I am the one that perfectly sits
On the perfect part of your heart.
But I am the one that makes you yearn
For love for forever and a day.

So I shall walk with a pride in me
Knowing that I have the wings
The wings of love to fly with
The wings to take me to the future
The bright future ahead of me.

I may not be the perfect one
But I am the one that perfectly clings
To the perfectly shaped of your heart.
And I am the one you will see at nights
And I am the one you will see next to you.

I finished my second book ” Desperate In Dubai” and I am willing to start the second series of ” Fire spell” by Chloe Neill ” Hexbound”. You should have seen me carrying around 15 books to the cashier. Never felt so good about my self! It was book sale and well, I bought around 15 books for just 100$. My cousin used to tell me, ” people should buy books the way the way their clothes”. And yeah, how many of us actually spend some money on books?