Pictures,pictures, and pictures!

Cant help it, but I haven’t written a poem for a week already. Honestly, I still can’t get over photography. And thinking about it, I am probably going to buy soon a professional camera! Yay! But not so fast, I got to save some of my pocket money, add some of my big brothers money, and get it! Well, 1000$ for a camera, hopefully I will learn how to use each and every tool that makes it so expensive!

This is my little brother, he is 7 years old and he is my love. I don’t know how I can express through words how much I love this kido. He is so smart, sometimes he over smarts me. Imagine, it makes me feel so dumb sometimes. He is the type who thinks quickly, say what is right in the right moment. Whereas me, I take my time, I have to. I take my time to think, to say and to express, but I am often in a hurry to say it out, so I say before I think. Does that happen to any of you? I hate when I do that, but I am still working on it!

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