Friendship,do you know what that means?

The world that lost the meaning of friendship,
Living by and holding to selfishness
What happened friend?
What changed to make you treat me this way?

Yet looking at you. I try to not care.
Yet still my heart aches slowly…silently.

It hurts to know that you’re busy.
Busy holding to your pride,
Instead to our friendship…

Changing yourself, thinking to better,
But it will only take some time,
To realize how much you were wrong.
About your self, about everything around you.
And I swear to God who created you,
You will look into the mirror,
And realize how much you regret,
Every step you took to change your identity.

And at that point, it will be too late,
The real you have departed.
Ran away from you, and you are behind.
Sitting on your knees,

And so will I leave.
And so will others.



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