Music. What does that mean to you? For me, it is the guitar strings that vibrate, and by that the vibrate my heart. For me it is the piano buttons that are mastered by those beautiful hands that I might never be able to meet. But all together, that beautiful voice, those words that mean something. The sound that screams with emotion, that touches your heart and makes it fall down from all the emotion each and every word contains.

But unfortunately, we lost the meaning of music. Mostly, we listen to things just for a while, and then we forget. Music was suppose to mean something, give you an image of a specific moment. But now, it lost that.

Following are some of the songs I just found and find the beautiful. I usually listen to slow songs. But heck, I guess you will find something in the list you would like.

1) Birdy “Skinny love“.
2)  Birdy “People help the people“.
Recommend to listen to the whole album.
3) Paul McCartney ” My Valentine” .
4)Christina Perri ” Thousand Years”
5)Lady Antebellum ” We Owned The Night”
6)Lady Antebellum ” American Honey”
7) The ScriptWe Cry
8)James Morrison “Broken Strings
9) James Morrison”Pieces Don’t Fit Anymore”
10) James Morrison “You Give Me Something
11) The Script “Breakeven”
12) The Script “I’m Yours”
13)The Script “Talk You Down”
14) Secondhand Serenade “Something More”

Here you go. Do listen to the whole album of the singer if you like these songs. But honestly, I never got rap and rock. Kill me, but I could never take it as music. Not that I say who listen to them have bad taste, but beside these genres, wouldn’t you agree some songs are just literally LAME? Like they don’t even have a sense, no emotion, just some sentences pulled together and became a hit. What on earth is happening?


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