Letting go, to embrace.

After 2 months of be being away from my blog, having a lot of time to write, I didn’t write.

2 months, a writer with 200 followers, didn’t write and did not say anything but leave a blog with no recent updates.
I may have not been the best writer in poems, I may have not been the most inspiring writer or artist. But I know someway I was special, to you who read my blog for a few months, reading my poems, of a teenager that still has a lot to go through and experience in this world.  And you always knew I was thankful for each and every like, for each and every comment, for each and every view.

Writing is beautiful, the magic to combine words and make a sentence and through a sentence a feeling is incredibly fascinating, and I am really glad that I tried writing, and of course reading your work at the same time. But I think the end comes here, with my writing of poetry. I think this is the last post and this blog will officially be stop being updated. I will of course not let go of poetry. Will always have a journal to write my thoughts, but I think, I want to let go of this blog and embrace new things in life.

Goodbye my dear viewers, thank you for all your support.
And no, I will not disappear, I will be there, read your posts, but will just not write anymore.