Life as it is, piece of cake.

I would like to write today again. Just to notify my darling followers that I am still trying to go back to my poetry!

My life has never been better. Even though I am very busy as I am the Student Council in year 11 ( Junior Year ), trying to keep up being one of the top students, my gym routine and family life ( If you were from an Asian country you would know what I mean )  it is pretty hard! And to be honest I would like to admit my friendship category is not fitting in my life. It is weird how I put the last in the list of everything I should take care of, but that just happened inadvertently.

As I was reading a famous classic book ” The Diary Of A Young Girl ” by Anne Frank I got so inspired by Anne and her thoughts which is why I dedicated her a poem. Secretly she reminds me of myself. But we got to admit it, I could never be Anne, with so much strength, patience and maturity. But we should all just try, to look up at this young girl who despite all the war was so brilliant, hopeful and assured. I shall now stop boring you and get to the poem! I really hope it is better than the previous. As now when I read my previous post poem, it seems too bad.

In the muddle of everything,
She stood brave and strong.
Independent was our Anne,
Spirited and very bold.

Looking into the sky in a time of war,
All she saw was the sun and the birds
Flying across the sky.
Looking into her nostalgic life,
All she feel was content and luck.

The immutable presence did not make her any weaker,
And as she grew, so did her boldness
Leaving the inevitable behind her.

She clinged to love, she clinged to hope,
Where felt none so dolefully.
She planned a future for herself
Where felt like there wasn’t any.

Oh Anne, you are in our hearts,
Forever to be remembered.
And I would like to decry
A salute of respect and gratitude.

If you never read that book, then I advice you to! Every single teacher would stop by and comment on my book saying how amazing it was! This is definitely a must-read! And currently I am reading The Return Of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Lots of love, Maria.


As she was staring at her sleeping child
Looking at her beautiful face.
Dark skin and black hair,
With no trace of worries on her face.

And she notices tears on her face
The droplets falling on her daughters face.

Karrina, a 30 years old single mother.
Today leaving her 5 years old daughter,
To make money. Leaving her alone in a country,
Where the daughter knows few.

And as she tries to speak to her daughter
She starts sobbing.
With the only company, herself.

Her little daughter will live for years with Salama’s friend.
Years with out a mother to speak to.
Years with out a hope to lit you.
And how did destiny bring her to a point
Where she can’t even afford to live?

A little message to you all my dear viewers, don’t forget to be thankful for what you have right now. Sometimes being content is all you need for happiness in life.

P.s. I am just warming up with poetry as I didn’t write for a long time!

Too bitter, too sweet.

Dear readers,

My life has been going pretty well, and I have enjoyed every second of it. But today I wanted to share something with you. Patience when it comes to family. What does family mean to you? Is it those who  you lay your shoulder on whenever you get the chance to, or those who you try to escape and avoid whenever you possibly can?

Family is not just the part where you all hold your hands together and live happily ever after. There are often times when we all just feel like being alone. Living for your self and being free. But we all know that it is not that easy to let go, it is not that easy to just live alone with out having anyone to care for you. There are many problems a family faces, but the most vital right now in our world is: teenage drama. Who doesn’t have that one brother who you just can’t have a single conversation with? Or that son, daughter, cousin, whoever he or she is, we all have that one person in the house that shouts and yells with no patience and with out even second-guessing who is the person he/she is talking to.

Sometimes we yell back at them, sometimes we just bang the door and try to forget they even exist. But usually, we forget that we too went through the exact same chaos. Knowing that many of my viewers live with teenagers in their house, I would like to remind you all, me, you, your parents and my parents went through the same time. Just a slight different way. So be patient with that person, give time, swallow the eagerness to shout back because you know that this person will never be close to you if you slip the chance today. And you never know if it is already too late…  Therefor if you have a brother or a sister that yells back at you with out realizing it, be gentle and let them be. Let them say what they want to, because you know in the end they will come to you, somehow and someday.

Love your family, be there for them, because they in return will be there for you. And who are we with out love in this world?