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People often ask me: “Why do you not believe in love?” I do believe in love. The way you love rain yet take an umbrella with you, the way you love flowers and pluck them out, the way you love animals and cage them. Thats the type of love a human being is always capable of and that’s the kind of love that I believe only exists. -Maria

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Picture from Google


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Hi everyone!


You can add me in GoodReads, my name there is also Maria Zarif. In Facebook I have a page called: The Beat, so if you want to follow me there you can by just clicking Like! 


I have been doing pretty good in school. A lot to do but I am trying my best to have some time for poetry. But as you all know that I have a younger brother who is 7, I prioritize my time for him, the more I can influence him to stay fit, healthy and as knowledgable as possible, the more of a chance there is for him to turn out not to be like the common youngsters of my age. Stupid, fat, and let’s just repeat the same wore: stupid.