Quotes and sayings for today.

Always happens to me. Always end up standing alone in the corner. But at least, I will know that in that corner someday there will be someone who will stand next to me, hold my hand and be there truly for me. Just for me…

Credits goes to the site ( look below left at the picture). So dear readers, choosing what is right is hard, in many ways. But trust me, you won’t regret making that decision later on.

Happy weekend.


What is your definition of peace? And more importantly did you ever try,just a little bit, to view the position you are left in this life differently? To see how worse could it be, or to see how lucky you are? Someone told me, God knows how much each of us can take in, He knows that whatever crappy day or unlucky or really bad day we are going through, he knows you can make it through,that you will go back to your peaceful self,and smile through all your heart..I am a very religious person, I try always bringing my self up with my faith, and whenever I would go through something I thought that I couldn’t take in, I just thought for a moment, He is watching you Maria, this is happening with his own will, and maybe you don’t know now, but this awful day will later on turn on to a flower blooming in your life. So keep it up everyone. He is watching you, don’t bring your self down, because He knows you can make your self turn the position and move on! Move on to your peaceful life, where your friends and family are awaiting you.