Anna Maria

Anna was a beautiful girl
With flawless brown hair
Maria was a tomboy
With flecks and black hair
Tied up all at the back of her head

How did they end up together?
How did they end up being best friends?
That was a story to tell…

Maria loves football,
But Anna loves ballet!
Maria loves jeans,
But Anna loves dresses!

Oh my, oh my how different they were!

One day Maria lost her ball
She looked near the lake
She looked near the playground
But she couldn’t find her ball!

Maria sat on the bench
And turned her head to the left
Anna was sitting on the bench next to maria
Looking at her and asked what happened
Maria was affected by why she cared…

Maria didn’t know what to say
Maria was always too harsh to understand friendship
And love between best friends

Anna came closer
And gave Maria her doll
Maria never played with dolls
But she took it and looked at Anna

Anna was so courageous
While so weak outside
Maria took the doll and smiled
She didn’t know what to do with it

But she looked at it
It was a cute little doll
With a pink dress and blonde hair

She told Anna that she lost her ball
Anna looked with sympathy
And that’s all that was to say

Maria started playing with the doll
For the first time after days

She played with Anna for a long time
Till the sun was going to set
After that Maria always played with Anna
With her jeans and sometimes even skirts.

She is with Anna all the time,
Like a sister, like a best friend.

They have been there for each other all the time since then.
Who knew that different people could match up?
Who knew that Anna and Maria
Would now be mothers in laws
Of the same married couple?

I think you already guessed that the Maria is this Maria who wrote this poem! And Anna my best friend, who lives in Georgia. We were indeed different. Al though we still have a lot of difference its strange how when she was wearing all girly clothes and I would never give a second though about it, later on I got obsessed with them! So obsessed I stopped wearing jeans. But to the point, friendship is not just about how the 2 people are clothing, it is more deep down more  complicated. Sometimes I feel like friendship is more complicated than dating a guy. So much frustration!

Hope you guys liked the poem. Wrote it a year ago. Wish friends could stay the same, and times could never change. Don’t we all wish that sometimes?