” Who you are to me”

Life can always surprise you
Life can always hurt you
But this time it surprised me
By giving a person like you
In a life of a person like me.

I can put my head on your shoulder
And moan or cry about anything,
And I know you will stay next to me,
Just sit silently and listen to me…

And all I want to say is thank you,
For not judging me thru my tears,
Because I can’t always have the strenght
To keep up in this world that was so harsh on me.

But somehow you always were there,
To listen, to be.
And I just want to say thank you,
For all that you are to me.

Because you may not know.
Or, you may do know,
But you mean a lot to me.

Life has been so harsh on me,
And now I know it won’t be tomorrow.
Because life has given me a person like you,
In a life of a person like me.