What makes you continue reading a blog.

I think this might be a good topic to talk about: ” How to you start reading a post from a blog you just got to know exists?”
Don’t you sometimes see the blog itself and you go like thinking wow, what on earth is your theme? Do you never criticize someones blog by their appearance?

I am sorry… but I do that! I just can’t help my self but get all second thoughts about spending my time on a particular blog, while I could spend the time on the other blog I am still thinking of!  So my dear viewers, do check how your blog looks like, because sometimes people like me get all second thoughtful by the way it looks like. And yes I should keep that in my mind too! And no… I just think that wordpress is also a way of art, to show the beauty of the site with pictures and all. Don’t you think?

Please do write what makes YOU continue reading a blog and start following them! And as an example, will you ever try some dish which doesn’t appeal to you in looks? 😉