The writer got a crush.

Okay, as much as I hate to admit it, it feels like I have a crush. I hate having a crush. Those cheesy moments when your thinking about that guy, and then thinking if he likes you back. I mean who the heck cares? Why can’t you just live your life with out any crushes? Why does it have to be me? 😦

The times when your friends tease you about that and you try to have a serious face… Oh god… this is torture! And I feel stupid about that. I mean its not that I don’t watch romantic movies or read about love, its just the fact that I don’t want to be in it. I find it too distracting. So my dear viewers, if the next few weeks you see really cheesy poems, I am sorry, because I think you will have to suffer with that! And if you are curious about the guy, I won’t tell you. All I can say is that I played tennis with him, and he is seriously good. Like I love his play, not how he looks like, or whatever, but his play! And its silly, I know. And I feel I am the most stupidest person for having feelings for him. I mean, why? Like I wish there wasn’t something like feelings. Well I will try not having that at least until I finish university, because the last thing I want to think about at nights is about some dude when in reality I should be worrying about my test!

What do you think about relationships? Comment please… maybe I will feel better seeing you having the same opinion! 😀

This is probably how I feel and look like at the moment.

” The countable looks”

You will look at me once.
You will look at me twice,
I wish I could pop those eyes
And you won’t look at me once
Or look at me twice. 

I know, since when is Maria so angry at people looking at her? Don’t get this poem wrong, this was 2 years ago when there was a guy who had this huge crush and would always look at me and find me everywhere in school, and I was a tomboy, not believing in love, so what do you expect? I am sharing this to hopefully make you laugh at how sometimes we laugh about our past, how we used to think and how silly it was. Don’t you think about your past? About those silly little things you did in your life? Think about it, trust me, you will enjoy sharing them with your friends and laughing about them endlessly!

My first crush.

We all had our first crushes. First or second grade, third or fourth, some in grade 5 or even later on in grade 8…

Do you remember your first crush? Don’t you remember their first name? How you fell in love with them?

I do, and to my amazement, I loved them till now, until i talked to them, to that person… and let them go.

I was shaking the whole time… my words weren’t coming out properly, I told them that I had a crush on them. And I got an answer of:”I had feelings to another girl that time, sorry..” That didn’t hurt, it really didn’t, all i did was cry for a moment and then suddenly i smiled, I laughed! And now I feel like I am the worlds most happiest person, like I am free from the weight  I was carrying till now.

And for the end… I wrote a post in Facebook, what first crush thought me:

“To let go, to not look back, to look straight and smile as much as you can. Laugh about the past, and try not to cry. ♥”

And for you my dear viewers I have one more thing, don’t stop loving, don’t stop giggling my dear lady’s , as for men, don’t stop thinking about her at nights! Because, it is worth it.