I will scream, I will hug…
I will hate, I will love…
I will be nice, I will be bad…
I am not perfect, and so you are?

I might say things that I don’t mean…
I might over react or take it too seriously,
But who is a best friend,
If they don’t know what I really mean?

But who are you,
To ignorantly judge me?

I hope that you won’t avoid me,
I hope you will forgive…
And most of all I have a faith,
That you will know what I mean.

And if you turn away,
And if you don’t have the courage,
And if I was a bit of too big of a burden,
I will go back home…

Will try to get up,
Will try to stop the tears,
And the thought…

How can I be perfect?

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What is your definition of peace? And more importantly did you ever try,just a little bit, to view the position you are left in this life differently? To see how worse could it be, or to see how lucky you are? Someone told me, God knows how much each of us can take in, He knows that whatever crappy day or unlucky or really bad day we are going through, he knows you can make it through,that you will go back to your peaceful self,and smile through all your heart..I am a very religious person, I try always bringing my self up with my faith, and whenever I would go through something I thought that I couldn’t take in, I just thought for a moment, He is watching you Maria, this is happening with his own will, and maybe you don’t know now, but this awful day will later on turn on to a flower blooming in your life. So keep it up everyone. He is watching you, don’t bring your self down, because He knows you can make your self turn the position and move on! Move on to your peaceful life, where your friends and family are awaiting you.

A letter that has no name…

When you look at your self
See the smile on your face
See the beauty and the charm
See the sharpness and the bright
That your soul furnishes to the world.

But don’t forget where this charm is from
And don’t forget who thaught you how to bestow
This world the best you ever had.
Your mother.

I wish you the best this world has
And the patience to go through with it all
And I will sit faithfully in the corner
Smiling and cherishing the moment.

Good luck my beautiful sister
May this world make you a person
That everyone could look up to.


I wrote this for my cousin who is coming from America for a night, and then leaving to Afghanistan afterwards for summer. I really don’t know if I should write it in a piece of paper and gift it to her as a gift. Because I am not sure if it is good enough. I just want her to smile when she sees this…

So please do tell me what do you think about this poem! As it is pretty important for me… (:

Looking at the ground, seeing you.

Look at me.
Yes, look into my eyes.
Deep down into my eyeball.
Do you know my name?
Do you know where I come from?

Do you know my story?
Or anything beside the bullshit you spread?

Talking behind me, judging me.
Thinking it might take me down.
But darling, let me break this to you
You are bringing me up even higher.
Letting me admire the view from the top

Could have came to me and talked.
Could have asked someday about that.
But all you did is judge.
But all you did is laugh.

And some day the faith will turn into your face.
And some day the friends you laughed with
Will turn and point at you.
And darling I will be standing there.
Looking at the ground, and seeing you over there.
















P.s. I am having 2 weeks of quizzes and after that my final exams! Summer vacation on June 3rd. So I will try posting daily as I write poems pretty quickly ( depends on my mood) but guys, I am really sorry if I won’t answer you here and there. And having no time means I will not have time to read your posts! Well I hope you guys are having a great weekend which means a lot of spare time to write ¬†your great and inspiring posts. But unfortunately my weekend is finishing tomorrow.I hope you like my poem. Do excuse my foul language, I just found this poem too bitter not to use it. Promise won’t use it again!

“The One I Can Depend On”

As the world in froth of my eyes

Dissolve into pieces

As the people in front of my eyes

Leave into nowhere

I am alone in the darkness

No one here or there

I look up into the sky

And I see you

You are the one who created me

You are the one who blessed me

Oh please help me

Help me in this life like you always did

I will hold your hand by my prayers

But please don’t let go

Because you are the one

Who I can depend on