What can I say?

This blog is my home, my diary, a place where I share my poetry and read others works and get inspired. WordPress will always be a home for me, and hopefully even though I don’t write so often you will give me some of your precious time to go through my work (:

I am 16 years old and I am in grade 11. Just now, just this year I realized how tough life can be. Yeah, yeah I will see more coming on my way but sometimes I feel so lost, I feel like I can’t balance my religion, family, friends and school at the same time. As a muslim sometimes I felt like my religion would make me slower on balancing my life, I felt like it would pull me down to fall on the ground, it was tiring. But slowly I understood that my faith in God is the one that would balance everything around me. I know that many of my fellow readers have different religions and points of views. But the whole point is that you have that one thing you can cling to. That faith is the one that makes you understand the world around you. What makes you patient and obedient to things you don’t have the ability to change.  And that is how I balance my world.

Having friends is one thing, and having that one person you go to and tell all the things you feel like you have to tell but know not everyone would understand is another. I am lucky to have both, and I personally thing it is very vital for everyone to have someone they can tell all their feelings to.

Today I felt like sharing my thoughts with you all. I will also start painting again. My two art works got sold in an Exhibition for a Dubai Care charity organization. To be honest this gives me hope that I can actually have an option in art careers!

Too bitter, too sweet.

Dear readers,

My life has been going pretty well, and I have enjoyed every second of it. But today I wanted to share something with you. Patience when it comes to family. What does family mean to you? Is it those who  you lay your shoulder on whenever you get the chance to, or those who you try to escape and avoid whenever you possibly can?

Family is not just the part where you all hold your hands together and live happily ever after. There are often times when we all just feel like being alone. Living for your self and being free. But we all know that it is not that easy to let go, it is not that easy to just live alone with out having anyone to care for you. There are many problems a family faces, but the most vital right now in our world is: teenage drama. Who doesn’t have that one brother who you just can’t have a single conversation with? Or that son, daughter, cousin, whoever he or she is, we all have that one person in the house that shouts and yells with no patience and with out even second-guessing who is the person he/she is talking to.

Sometimes we yell back at them, sometimes we just bang the door and try to forget they even exist. But usually, we forget that we too went through the exact same chaos. Knowing that many of my viewers live with teenagers in their house, I would like to remind you all, me, you, your parents and my parents went through the same time. Just a slight different way. So be patient with that person, give time, swallow the eagerness to shout back because you know that this person will never be close to you if you slip the chance today. And you never know if it is already too late…  Therefor if you have a brother or a sister that yells back at you with out realizing it, be gentle and let them be. Let them say what they want to, because you know in the end they will come to you, somehow and someday.

Love your family, be there for them, because they in return will be there for you. And who are we with out love in this world?

Afghanistan #3

Afghanistan at night

Yes! Another collection of pictures taken by my cousin Laila that lives in Afghanistan. Let me tell you more about this beautiful cousin that I have.

First thing is that she always reads my blog. Mysteriously I always would get 1 view from Afghanistan, and it ends up being her! She is smart yet will never bother showing that to you. Indeed which makes her lazy! You should see sometimes how I force her to come with me to the gym or sauna sometimes, it is like I am taking her to get slaughtered! But sadly she comes here to Dubai just in holidays, so I don’t really make her suffer that much. Which I wish I could do a little bit more often!

Laila is also a lot into arts. Compared to me, I find her way better. But I know she won’t agree about that. Even though she is better than me in art, it seems she never has time for it, which I really wish she did, because I love her art! She has a passion to photography and she loves books. Having to share another hobby, we often end up buying the same book in the bookstore! So what we do is we buy 4, each takes 2, we read and we swap! But that doesn’t really happen much, since she lives in another country.

Summer vacation is just nearby, and wishing that she would come here to Dubai, I just want to tell you readers that you should really cherish every single person in your family. You never know how the future will catch them with their hands and fly away, far away from you. So spend more time with your family rather than trying to make friends. Because trust me, those friends will never stay by your side. It is is a very rare thing to find someone who would stand by your side for nor reason but only because they want to. Love, live, eat, and cherish. But please don’t forget to exercise, and Laila, that goes to you too lady!

Who you are and who you are for.

I turned 16 on the 1st February. And I just realized how much birthdays can sometimes mean. People being extra caring or just how those little gifts mean so much to you. But birthdays are not just you wearing those branded, expensive clothes or the dream come true gifts and neither how hard you party.

 For me, my birthday was full of gifts, and well don’t you also get gifts in your birthday? Forget about gifts! Those are just the items in the store you can buy by your self some day or yeah, maybe never because you can’t afford it. But does it really matter? In the end of the day what matters?  You having those expensive items, or you being with your loved ones?

 What I got to know is how much I am lucky to celebrate my birthday with my beautiful mother, reliable friends and my brothers who I know that love me but are too manly to show it to me sometimes. And I think, from the bottom of my heart, that you in your birthday should wish for the people that you love to be with you till the last breath that you take in this world. Because life isn’t just about who you are or how good you are, it is about the people who you share your time with, and who you love and try to be better for.

Me at the left with my best friend.