The Choice

My mind is writing on a piece of paper

The joy of this world today

Looking into the world

Smiling like i never had

i don’t know why i feel so good

but i know that you can too

open your heart let your soul fly

leave ┬áthe worries of this world…

oh wait! your wings are too heavy

carrying the strain of this world

are you going to throw your self away

or are you going to fly away

the choice has always been yours

yours and your only

The Empty World.

Lets fly away from this world
Fly high with no sense in our mind
Leave everything behind
Even the love of our lives.

Let’s forget about this strain
And smile like there is not a thing
That ever bothered us
That ever broke us astray.

But when you open your eyes
You will see not a thing.
This new world is empty.

 Because the world is build in love
And love causes strain.