Dear readers,

Since I promised that I was going to start working on my poems, I did! And I currently finished writing a poem for a competition where, IF they like my poem it will be published with other writer’s poems (: I am happy because for me, this is a small step toward my future. I don’t have to be the best poet, but just by writing poems and letting others read them, makes me feel like I accomplished and experienced one more thing in life. For me this life is about many things. But mostly I want to try out so many things, experience so many cultures, party in so many events and still just sit down with a cup of green tea and think how life is full of beauty. And of course being a teenager I will let my self be naive and think that life consists of only the good. That there is no bad lingering in this world, waiting to drop on someone’s shoulders. Even when it is beautiful it has its ugliness. But nothing is perfect. So why should life be?

So for all of my viewers who think they are not perfect but should be, don’t overwhelm your self with this thought. Of course we should motivate our selves to be better, but we should take pride of who we are right now, because you can never know when your life comes to an end.

Will post a poem soon, thank you for all your likes and comments. Fully appreciated!



Life, the easy way.

We all know it is October and we all know that October is the Breast Cancer Awareness month where everywhere you go you see PINK PINK PINK. But let’s just forget about the fact that there is such thing as breast cancer. Let us just focus on one thing today; health.

What do you want badly right now? There must be that gorgeous dress or that hot car that you wish you could buy. Everyone has a desire to have one thing or another. But let’s just for today remind ourselves that there are right now people asking for just one thing we don’t even bother being thankful for, health. Sometimes when I talk to mom about how we need this and that and there is not enough money to buy it, she looks at me for a second and tells me, it doesn’t matter that we don’t have money to re-decor our house, it doesn’t matter that we can’t buy extra clothes, all that matters is that we have good health.

So before you eat the food that is not even considered  as food, or over stress your self about owning items that won’t even make you happy be thankful.

” At the doors of the miserable rich man, sleeps the contented beggar.” Tibetan saying.



As she was staring at her sleeping child
Looking at her beautiful face.
Dark skin and black hair,
With no trace of worries on her face.

And she notices tears on her face
The droplets falling on her daughters face.

Karrina, a 30 years old single mother.
Today leaving her 5 years old daughter,
To make money. Leaving her alone in a country,
Where the daughter knows few.

And as she tries to speak to her daughter
She starts sobbing.
With the only company, herself.

Her little daughter will live for years with Salama’s friend.
Years with out a mother to speak to.
Years with out a hope to lit you.
And how did destiny bring her to a point
Where she can’t even afford to live?

A little message to you all my dear viewers, don’t forget to be thankful for what you have right now. Sometimes being content is all you need for happiness in life.

P.s. I am just warming up with poetry as I didn’t write for a long time!

Letting go, to embrace.

After 2 months of be being away from my blog, having a lot of time to write, I didn’t write.

2 months, a writer with 200 followers, didn’t write and did not say anything but leave a blog with no recent updates.
I may have not been the best writer in poems, I may have not been the most inspiring writer or artist. But I know someway I was special, to you who read my blog for a few months, reading my poems, of a teenager that still has a lot to go through and experience in this world.  And you always knew I was thankful for each and every like, for each and every comment, for each and every view.

Writing is beautiful, the magic to combine words and make a sentence and through a sentence a feeling is incredibly fascinating, and I am really glad that I tried writing, and of course reading your work at the same time. But I think the end comes here, with my writing of poetry. I think this is the last post and this blog will officially be stop being updated. I will of course not let go of poetry. Will always have a journal to write my thoughts, but I think, I want to let go of this blog and embrace new things in life.

Goodbye my dear viewers, thank you for all your support.
And no, I will not disappear, I will be there, read your posts, but will just not write anymore.

July 1, 2012

She was sitting on the floor,
Trying to not gape at the food she has been given.
Trying to swallow the ache in her throat
The ache to cry hard….

How long has she been starving?
Working like a dog for endless hours…
Getting paid for the amount people spend on a single cloth.
As she tries to pick up the fork…
She remember her mother.

The tall, indépendant, confident woman
With no food in her stomach she stood straight up
Facing the world with no slight itch.
Died while trying to fight for her life.

“And so will I….
And so will my daughter…”

She pushed the food and bursted into tears.
How much more struggle does she need to go through?
To prove God she is brave, that she deserves all
All that everyone has.
Love, money to eat, and clothes to wear.