Quotes from the writer.

” A second makes up a minute, a minute makes an hour, an hour a day a day a week, a week a month and the month a year… That year will make your life.Decide carefully how you want to spend your second, as it will define your life. ” Maria Zarif

Looking at the ground, seeing you.

Look at me.
Yes, look into my eyes.
Deep down into my eyeball.
Do you know my name?
Do you know where I come from?

Do you know my story?
Or anything beside the bullshit you spread?

Talking behind me, judging me.
Thinking it might take me down.
But darling, let me break this to you
You are bringing me up even higher.
Letting me admire the view from the top

Could have came to me and talked.
Could have asked someday about that.
But all you did is judge.
But all you did is laugh.

And some day the faith will turn into your face.
And some day the friends you laughed with
Will turn and point at you.
And darling I will be standing there.
Looking at the ground, and seeing you over there.
















P.s. I am having 2 weeks of quizzes and after that my final exams! Summer vacation on June 3rd. So I will try posting daily as I write poems pretty quickly ( depends on my mood) but guys, I am really sorry if I won’t answer you here and there. And having no time means I will not have time to read your posts! Well I hope you guys are having a great weekend which means a lot of spare time to write  your great and inspiring posts. But unfortunately my weekend is finishing tomorrow.I hope you like my poem. Do excuse my foul language, I just found this poem too bitter not to use it. Promise won’t use it again!

Every part has a starting point,you.

Before you judge others judge yourself,
Before you love someone, love yourself.

Before you trust someone, trust yourself.
Before depending on someone, depend on yourself.
Before you point at someone, point at yourself.

Because every path should have a starting point.
With out it, there is no middle, continue or end.

 And you are the start, the one deciding the destiny of the path.