Miles away

You are miles away
In a country you might not know many,
In a place where you might not be able
To hold on someone when you need it…

But here am I writing a poem-a
But here am I feeling your distance.
And here am I telling you
How much I miss and love you.

Don’t let the place where you are right now`
Change the person who you are right now.
Don’t let the people around you
Make use of your loneliness.

Because baby you are strong.
You were born with the strength
Which not many have`
Or realize that they do.

And here  I am finishing this poem
Hoping you will like it.
And from my bottom of my heart,
I hope you will smile and embrace me
When you read this poem.

I was meant to finish this poem
But the last and not the least,`
Don’t forget to look into the mirror
And be proud of who you are.
No matter what circumstances this life takes you to.

Many of us are away from our families and friends. Not always the once that we depend on and love can be next to us the whole time. And neither can we be next to them the whole time. Life rolls and rolls and you never know where you will end up. So this is a wishing poem to all you of you readers, don’t let your loneliness and insecurity be your weak point, don’t let anyone take advantage of it.

And the last thing I wanted to say is, is that not many of us look into ourself in the mirror and see who we are and are actually pleased by who they became. You are not some hero in the movie, you can’t just change your self in an hour and become a millionaire and have this true love who you never knew you could have and be the most happiest person in the world. That ain’t gonna happen! So whoever you are, whether you like that “you” reflecting in that mirror or you don’t, be proud that you are here and have the chance to change your self. And while you are changing yourself to the better, don’t forget to enjoy it. Enjoy the moments of your lives, every single of them, because trust me you will miss these moments.