My head is aching and I can’t think properly

It is spinning so badly I think i might fall

Just a second, hold me a moment


Just hold me a little bit more…

I don’t know how can this reason

Can affect me so badly

When i know that i can be stronger

When i know i can be tough.


But i just want to cry it out

I don’t know if this is the only reason

All i want to do is cry

All i want is to take it OUT.


But the funny part is that

No matter how much do i try

No matter how many times i try getting it out

It seems it never finishes

It seems the pain is endless.


I wrote this months ago, I don’t know why I am publishing this when I promised to be all cheered up and happy, but I don’t think we all can be happy all the time can we? So here I go. [: Hope you like it!