Running away as far away, as the fate can take away.

Her beautiful eyes
Protruding from her scarf,
She was wearing around her head…
Inadvertently she took my breath away.
Melting my heart, thawing it like an ice.
Like an ice in a warm day.

Suddenly it was black and white apparent.
That she stole my heart away.

As she draped my heart away from me,
Hanging it loosely in this world, so rough, so dark.
Filled with monsters residing hungry
For hearts like mine to steal a way.
And then to store away in a vault,
Of their possessions.

What I encountered was as I speculate,
Something every humane being will retreat
From int he end of the day.

Running away as far away,
As the fate can take away.

Source: google.

Source: google.

WordPress, bloggger, tumblr, or other?

I have always been thinking why exactly did I choose for blogging. And to be honest, I never find an answer that would actually make sense. I just find it home. You know when you see that specific apartment/villa/house at times when you need one and you are like ” This is it.” Not because it is the most biggest one that will make all your friends jealous, not because it is cheap, but for a reason that you will never really understand, only feel.

WordPress has become that tiny house for me, full of amazing neighbors ( you readers! ) . I mean I can’t believe that someone who wrote some amazing book that I am willing to buy, would actually like my poem! Or someone who I just love and feel so passionate about would come to my blog and comment, saying something good about me. Every single time when I see you the reader writing something for me, and when I check your blog, I feel so good about my self. Because YOU wrote that. And it feels so unbelievable. 

WordPress has become my home, believe it or not, I forget about my Facebook page while I am over here. It just feels right. Thank you for my first followers: 

Katrin Ann Willis who not just helped me by following my blog, but inspired me to continue my blog.

The Iris And The Lily, who was my first follower and I also adore her blog for her beautiful pictures.

You guys are awesome! Thank you for making this kido smile and happy for following her and giving her a chance. And no, you reader who is reading this, you too.

Love you all!