From one art work to another.

 This is one of my most recent works. Took me two hours. Even though I am running out of time even now ( Physics exam tomorrow) I decided I will take my time and finish this. As I never finish my art works if I leave it for later. I just lose the inspiration. And the work that was suppose to come out of my heart, becomes just a torture. The inspiration i got is form the below picture. The site link to it:

White lion.

White Lion.


Here you go, another one of my art works. I have  always loved lions and tigers! I drew this 2 years ago, I tend to keep my art work, because they remind me of my past. How I drew it, why I drew it, was I angry or sad that moment, this drawing takes me to the past where I am sitting and drawing in our living room, loving the outcome and enjoying every touch of the pencil on the paper while listening to music.