Dear readers,

Since I promised that I was going to start working on my poems, I did! And I currently finished writing a poem for a competition where, IF they like my poem it will be published with other writer’s poems (: I am happy because for me, this is a small step toward my future. I don’t have to be the best poet, but just by writing poems and letting others read them, makes me feel like I accomplished and experienced one more thing in life. For me this life is about many things. But mostly I want to try out so many things, experience so many cultures, party in so many events and still just sit down with a cup of green tea and think how life is full of beauty. And of course being a teenager I will let my self be naive and think that life consists of only the good. That there is no bad lingering in this world, waiting to drop on someone’s shoulders. Even when it is beautiful it has its ugliness. But nothing is perfect. So why should life be?

So for all of my viewers who think they are not perfect but should be, don’t overwhelm your self with this thought. Of course we should motivate our selves to be better, but we should take pride of who we are right now, because you can never know when your life comes to an end.

Will post a poem soon, thank you for all your likes and comments. Fully appreciated!




I may not be the perfect one
With perfect hazel eyes
With perfect jet black hair
With perfect curves in perfect places….

But I am the one that perfectly sits
On the perfect part of your heart.
But I am the one that makes you yearn
For love for forever and a day.

So I shall walk with a pride in me
Knowing that I have the wings
The wings of love to fly with
The wings to take me to the future
The bright future ahead of me.

I may not be the perfect one
But I am the one that perfectly clings
To the perfectly shaped of your heart.
And I am the one you will see at nights
And I am the one you will see next to you.

I finished my second book ” Desperate In Dubai” and I am willing to start the second series of ” Fire spell” by Chloe Neill ” Hexbound”. You should have seen me carrying around 15 books to the cashier. Never felt so good about my self! It was book sale and well, I bought around 15 books for just 100$. My cousin used to tell me, ” people should buy books the way the way their clothes”. And yeah, how many of us actually spend some money on books?