Pictures,pictures, and pictures!

Cant help it, but I haven’t written a poem for a week already. Honestly, I still can’t get over photography. And thinking about it, I am probably going to buy soon a professional camera! Yay! But not so fast, I got to save some of my pocket money, add some of my big brothers money, and get it! Well, 1000$ for a camera, hopefully I will learn how to use each and every tool that makes it so expensive!

This is my little brother, he is 7 years old and he is my love. I don’t know how I can express through words how much I love this kido. He is so smart, sometimes he over smarts me. Imagine, it makes me feel so dumb sometimes. He is the type who thinks quickly, say what is right in the right moment. Whereas me, I take my time, I have to. I take my time to think, to say and to express, but I am often in a hurry to say it out, so I say before I think. Does that happen to any of you? I hate when I do that, but I am still working on it!

Images of our lives.

I know I know, I have been publishing pictures for like 4 days already. And I will try my best to get some poetry published in a few days. I am guessing through the likes that you guys are liking my pictures! This is a new field of art that I am going to try to explore for this summer. Not that I am going to let go of poetry or painting. But I think I may spend more time on pictures from now on (: And I don’t know if you have noticed, but the below pictures I published with this one have been taken the same day and the same spot.


Addiction to art.

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Here you go, its Wednesday morning, after a few hours its my Biology exam. Peace of cake! Love bio, I mean how easy can it get, just to learn and understand? For now at least I have nothing to complain about it. And the teacher we got is so epic you just want to learn bio! Anyhow, this is one of my favorite pics I took long time back. Wow, never realized I am good at pictures too? Or okay not that bad? Hope you guys are having a great week. And the last thing before I click the publish button, don’t forget to smile. Look into the mirror and see how beautiful your smile is. Make it as wide and as real you can. When your smile comes from your heart, it can never be bad, it is just charming.


Afghanistan #3

Afghanistan at night

Yes! Another collection of pictures taken by my cousin Laila that lives in Afghanistan. Let me tell you more about this beautiful cousin that I have.

First thing is that she always reads my blog. Mysteriously I always would get 1 view from Afghanistan, and it ends up being her! She is smart yet will never bother showing that to you. Indeed which makes her lazy! You should see sometimes how I force her to come with me to the gym or sauna sometimes, it is like I am taking her to get slaughtered! But sadly she comes here to Dubai just in holidays, so I don’t really make her suffer that much. Which I wish I could do a little bit more often!

Laila is also a lot into arts. Compared to me, I find her way better. But I know she won’t agree about that. Even though she is better than me in art, it seems she never has time for it, which I really wish she did, because I love her art! She has a passion to photography and she loves books. Having to share another hobby, we often end up buying the same book in the bookstore! So what we do is we buy 4, each takes 2, we read and we swap! But that doesn’t really happen much, since she lives in another country.

Summer vacation is just nearby, and wishing that she would come here to Dubai, I just want to tell you readers that you should really cherish every single person in your family. You never know how the future will catch them with their hands and fly away, far away from you. So spend more time with your family rather than trying to make friends. Because trust me, those friends will never stay by your side. It is is a very rare thing to find someone who would stand by your side for nor reason but only because they want to. Love, live, eat, and cherish. But please don’t forget to exercise, and Laila, that goes to you too lady!