Thoughts of the day…

People often ask me: “Why do you not believe in love?” I do believe in love. The way you love rain yet take an umbrella with you, the way you love flowers and pluck them out, the way you love animals and cage them. Thats the type of love a human being is always capable of and that’s the kind of love that I believe only exists. -Maria

Picture from Google

Picture from Google


Quotes and sayings for today.

Always happens to me. Always end up standing alone in the corner. But at least, I will know that in that corner someday there will be someone who will stand next to me, hold my hand and be there truly for me. Just for me…

Credits goes to the site ( look below left at the picture). So dear readers, choosing what is right is hard, in many ways. But trust me, you won’t regret making that decision later on.

Happy weekend.